When does 3d printing make sense?

When does 3d printing make sense?

Crucial applications for a sensible and economical production of 3D printed parts are:

  • Production parts in small to medium quantities
  • Specifically adapted small parts

Production parts in small to medium quantities

If standard parts cannot be used, individual production parts are used in plant, machine, or vehicle construction. They are designed specifically for the respective area of application. Since there are often still optimizations or change loops to be done, especially with new parts, additive manufacturing offers great advantages here. Changes are implemented within a few days and new parts are available at low cost. The possibility of small batches or individual parts as well as the fast delivery time also optimize your own storage costs.


The classic injection molding process cannot keep up here. Even with very complex geometries, which are expensive to implement in an injection molding tool (slides, drop cores, core pulls, bore tools, etc.), these can be achieved comparatively easily using additive manufacturing. Only with increasing and recurring quantities (over 5000 parts per year) does the injection molding process come out on top again.


An interim solution is rapid tooling, in which additive manufacturing is used to produce shaping inserts for an injection molding tool. Depending on the number of pieces required, the shaping parts are made of plastic or metal. This makes it easy to produce functional prototypes and small series in series material, which can be tested directly in the application.

Figure: 3D printing


Specifically adapted small parts

In dental and medical technology, components are known in small and large quantities that are specifically adapted to the customer (e.g., dental, and auditory prostheses). Custom-fit implants can now be produced using medical 3D printing. 3D printing optimally meets the individual requirements of each patient.


Organs are also printed for practice purposes to discuss the procedure of an operation. The aim here is to reduce medical errors during an intervention.

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