How Sinker and Wire EDM works for mold making

Contactless to the best form

Due to EDM, sinking and wire EDM guarantees high-precision and finest surface treatment.

What is die-sinking and wire EDM?

Workpieces are produced without mechanical contact, but only with electrical erosion. The finished workpieces are used in almost all industries. The thermally ablative manufacturing process is carried out in a non-conductive liquid.

How do countersinking and wire EDM machines work?

In wire EDM, the workpiece is electrically machined by a brass or copper wire. There is no direct contact between the workpiece and the Drahlt. The wire is always polarized positively, the workpiece negatively.


The pre-programmed contours are cut into a workpiece by means of electrical erosion. Electrical energy generates such a great heat with pinpoint precision that the material melts, evaporates and is thus removed.


Die-sinking EDM, on the other hand, duplicates the shape of the electrode (negative mold) into the workpiece. Thus, during die sinking EDM, an electrode with the desired geometry must always be produced in advance. Here, too, there is no contact between electrode and workpiece.


The electrode is moved downwards via the Z-axis of the moving machine head. The table on which the component is clamped is moved into the X and Y axes.

Performance spectrum of countersinking and wire EDM machines

EDM machines can produce workpieces very precisely and cost-effectively. Even very hard materials such as steel, titanium and carbide can be processed. Parts with complex contours are ideal for machining by sinking or wire erosion.

Workpieces should not exceed 700 x 500 x 400 mm in size. As a special case, shafts can have a maximum diameter of 200 x 2000 mm.

Possible materials and quantities

Steel, carbide, and non-ferrous metals can be processed. Sinker and wire EDM is suitable for prototypes as well as larger series.

Refinements are also possible

In addition to different machining processes by means of countersunk and wire erosion, can also offer surface treatments of the components provided by appropriate partners. Thanks to this possibility, our customers receive everything from a single source.

Customer Project was able to supply spare parts for injection molds for a customer in the plastics processing sector. The focus here was on high quality and exact production in compliance with all tolerances.

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Quick Overview of wire and die-sinking EDM

Workpieces are machined with the highest precision without direct contact with an electrode

Steel, hard metals and non-ferrous metals can be processed

Small and large series are possible

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