How Injection Molding works

Hot, cold, ready

Injection molding is the most frequently used processing method for the fully automatic production of plastic parts. It is used for mass-produced articles and for technical molded parts. Injection molding machines are used to produce discontinuous plastic parts from molding compound (granulate or powder).

What is injection molding?

In injection molding, the molding compound is plasticized in a heated cylinder and then injected into the molded part using the screw that acts as a piston. The melt solidifies during compression in the mold cavity. After cooling, the injected plastic part is finished and can be removed. The production of such a plastic part is fully automatic, which makes the process very economical.

Range of services of injection molding
With the help of the injection molding process, both small parts, for example gears for watches, and large parts, for example garbage cans or bumpers for motor vehicles, can be produced.

  • Usual machine sizes: Final force of 30 – 200 tons
  • Common cycle times of 5 – 20 sec
  • Common cavity number: 2 – 8 mold cavities

Possible materials and quantities in injection molding

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Quick Overview Injection Molding

Workpieces are injected into a mold with the highest precision

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