How Contract Manufacturing works

Cleverly outsourced

To remain consistently successful or quickly meet a growing demand, companies can outsource parts of their production.

What is contract manufacturing?

In contract manufacturing, manufacturing processes are outsourced to companies or service providers, so-called contract manufacturers. Companies in mechanical engineering that require many different components can cover their needs with external suppliers.

What changes in the company when contract manufacturing is integrated into the manufacturing process?

By outsourcing sub-processes, companies gain time and resources for other tasks. This allows them to concentrate on their core competencies and the development of new products. With the right partners for the supply of mechanical production parts, companies receive the required components even if the required machines or employees are not available internally.

Can the entire manufacturing process be transferred to

In a personal conversation, we can discuss the challenges and work out solutions. This is how we find out which components we can supply for you. We are your partner when it comes to high-quality contract manufacturing for components of different manufacturing processes.

Advantages and disadvantages of contract manufacturing

The outsourcing of certain production processes has the advantage that companies can continue to supply their customers with the desired products in the event of bottlenecks, lack of time or high costs.


Outsourcing to external suppliers is problematic when companies cannot be sure in what quality or at what time the desired deliveries will arrive. This can lead to difficulties.


With you have a reliable partner at your side, because we understand what is important in the procurement of production parts. stands for high-quality global contract manufacturing with Swiss quality.

They want less problems when placing orders and tracking down mechanical parts, right? Please get in touch with us.

Quick overview of contract manufacturing

Saving resources and costs through external partners in contract manufacturing

Sub-processes and entire manufacturing processes can be taken over

Small and large series are possible

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