How CNC Turning works

Conjuring up cylinders

CNC lathes manufacture cylindrical components. Meanwhile, CNC turned parts are used in almost all industries – in the automotive sector, in mechanical and plant engineering and in smaller electrical appliances.

What is CNC turning?

CNC turning, like CNC milling, is a manufacturing technology in which a cutting tool removes material from a block or cylinder. The data for the geometry of the component usually comes from a CAD model.

How do CNC lathes work?

During CNC turning, which removes chip, a single-edged tool moves up to the rotating component and moves along it. In this way, the tool continuously removes material until the desired geometric shape is achieved.

The CNC milling machine is controlled by a Computerized Numerical Control (CNC). The parameters for the geometry of the component, which was designed in advance in a CAD program, can be transmitted to the machine via a CAM system or manual input.


Range of services CNC turning

CNC lathes can be divided into longitudinal and face turning depending on the direction of the feed movement. Longitudinal turning usually involves turning a cylindrical workpiece, whereas face turning involves machining the ends of the workpiece. The upper limit for components in CNC turning is in the range of 440 mm for the outer diameter and 1000 mm for the length.


Possible materials and quantities

Materials suitable for CNC turning are steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, non-ferrous metals, but also plastics and wood.

CNC turning is suitable to produce one-off prototypes as well as for large series. Thanks to CNC technology, the parameters only need to be recorded once. In this way, identical components can be produced at short notice. The CNC lathe does not forget any order.


Refinements are also possible

In addition to different machining operations with CNC turning, can also offer surface treatment of components. In doing so, we work together with appropriate partners. Thanks to these possibilities, our customers receive everything from a single source.


Customer Project

For a client from the mechanical engineering industry, which manufactures systems for the food industry, was able to deliver an extensive order with mechanical production parts. The challenge was the tight time frame of 6 weeks and the high diversity of the components, including the surface treatment.


By working with, the customer was able to easily bridge its capacity bottleneck and meet the schedule for its important project. With only one contact person, the interfaces were reduced, and the processing was simplified for the customer.

They want less problems when placing orders and tracking down mechanical parts, right? Please get in touch with us.

Quick Overview CNC Turning

Workpieces are formed with the highest precision in direct contact with rotationally symmetrical parts

Steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals and plastic can be processed

Prototypes and series are possible

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