Challenges in connected supply chains

Challenges in connected supply chains Globally networked supply chains are increasing. Their added value often shows not only regionally on site. The problem: Many supply chains of companies have grown historically. As a result, many supply chains are poorly networked. Efficiency and effectiveness are missing. Delivery bottlenecks as a challenge in mechanical engineeringThe more complex […]

Artificial intelligence in the mechanical engineering industry

Artificial intelligence in the mechanical engineering industry Everyone is talking about AI. In the field of mechanical engineering, the possibilities of AI are almost unlimited. The possible increases in efficiency are particularly interesting for customers, for example through greater automation of production or the development of brand-new products. But what does the buzzword AI mean? […]

The history and development of CNC Milling

The history and development of CNC Milling The CNC milling industry has a long history. The year 1818 is the year of birth, when the American Eli Whitney developed the first milling machine for metal. Around 34 years later, on March 14, 1862, Brown & Sharp finally delivered the first universal milling machine. This new […]

Industry 4.0 – The manufacturing of the future

Industry 4.0 – The manufacturing of the future The term Industry 4.0 is omnipresent. But what is behind this buzzword and what does it mean for the industry of tomorrow? To clarify this, one should first understand where the term comes from. Industry 4.0 means that there have been three major industrial revolutions so far […]

Flexible production system

Customers are increasingly demanding individualized products. Companies that can produce individual products economically and competitively in small quantities thus gain a competitive advantage. But what is the appropriate manufacturing process for this? One important solution is value stream kinematics.   Kinematics means the movement, for example of a robotic arm, in terms of location, time, […]

The lightweight Aluminum

The lightweight Aluminum Aluminum is the perfect material for many different applications. Aluminum has amazing properties: it’s light, strong, and sustainable! After oxygen and silicon, aluminum is the third most common element in the earth’s crust. So, there is more aluminum than iron in this world. This means that the deposit, based on today’s requirements, […]

The Strategy Wheel

Mission, vision, strategy A mission explains the societal benefit. It explains why there is a company. It formulates the values for the employees and the way the company works.   A vision describes the future desired image of a company. It sets long-term goals and thus goes beyond day-to-day business. Ideally, the vision is developed […]

Construction service and project development

Design and product development with Autodesk Inventor Autodesk’s Inventor Professional CAD software offers professional tools for mechanical 3D design, documentation, and product simulation. Increase design efficiency with a powerful combination of parametric, direct, freeform, and rules-based design capabilities. We often use the same data model for the entire product development cycle. This enables us to […]

Smart Supply Chain – automated procurement of components

Automate business processes securely and transparently – with the Smart Supply Chain To survive in the today’s market, companies must work as efficiently as possible. Industrial work processes are already largely automated and are carried out independently by robots or modern machines. This results in cost savings in the processes and lower manufacturing costs over […]

Why ISO 9001?

Why are we planning to introduce a quality management system according to ISO 9001?   As a progressive and customer-oriented company, the introduction of a quality management system (hereinafter: QMS) according to ISO 9001 – especially in the industrial sector – is essential for structured growth. By introducing such a QMS, a company is structured […]